Outside the box.

Zoo Age–Blind

The first music video and single from the album Zoo Age from Zoo Age.

Produced by RXVP and the Siblings in conjunction with TELUS and Public Records. Directed by Chris von Szombathy and starring Tyler Greentree. Cinematography by Amy Belling, art direction by Drew Shaffer, make-up by Tracy Lai, edited by Megan Bodaly

Assistance from Make StudiosCesar Bañares, Christina Orologio, John Crossen, Sheila Greentree, Nicole Fox, Kuh Del Rosario, Jordan Dowler-Coltman and the fine folks at WFW International and Fusion Cine.

1000 Ducks

The definitive guide to ducks that do not exist.

1000 Ducks is a graphic catalogue of 1000 duck species made in the summer of 2014. Labeled and numbered for easy identification the 1000 Ducks project also includes lifesize decoys, catalog, video, and album of “natural” recordings.

There is a page dedicated to the project here.


Wax is the new video from AAA.

From Fruit the seventh release from AAA and the first album available with Elestial Sound, Wax is a work of modern fusion melted down and extruded.