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East 2nd Soap makes unique soaps with natural ingredients that are carefully selected and he wanted a box that gently highlighted his attention to detail. The references he brought were Japanese products; simple packages that were unique to their product they held. We went through many iterations to get one we have now. A challenge since the soaps aren’t only not the same size when they’re made but also change size as they age.

The original box designs were glued together so they stayed in shape throughout their lifespan. Now the boxes are entirely foldable and require no glue or tape to keep their shape or stay together.

The graphic design was inspired by vintage kanji signage and the deco-like patterns of mineral powder that top his soaps. There’s even a mini East Van cross, a municipal symbol that’s been scrawled and carved onto the streets since the 60’s and is now an icon of civic pride, on the side.