RXVP is a multidisciplinary creative team based in Vancouver. We are good listeners, strong collaborators and pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptive. Building strong brand identities for new and growing businesses is our jam.



I’ve always been a problem solver. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with brain teasers and logic games. Forget dolls, give me a puzzle!

Now, I use my skills to help clients solve design and marketing problems. I’m here to move the obstacles out of your way so you can focus on what you do best.

I was born in Zambia, but I’ve lived in Vancouver most of my life. I studied Fashion Marketing in college (in the 90’s) and spent a decade as a high-performing sales and marketing manager. I spend my free time discovering new wines, listening to podcasts and baking mind-blowing desserts.



I have been drawing my whole life, as far as I can remember, and it still forms the focus of my day. Everything I make has some origin in my sketchbook, it’s an archive, a computer, and a guide. It’s the best tool I have and it’s always close by.

I’ve created paintings and sculptures, produced music and video, written, arranged, danced, been a teacher and a pupil. The focus of my life has been about fostering creativity, streamlining my arts practice, and sharing that excitement and experience with others, regardless of whether they’re a peer or a client.

I love what I do, these folks agree: McSweeney’s, Drawn & Quarterly, Burton, Lucky Peach, Elestial Sound, Squiggle Dot, Gestalten, Tiny Vices, Giant Robot, Publication Studios, Public Records, Doug Wright Awards, Leo Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards and many other wonderful people and publications.